Phoenix Landing Blog posts

False Clues: QBall’s Story

Why was my Quaker parrot falling down?

Is a Parrot the Right Pet for Your Child?

Molts and Pinfeathers: A new year for you and your bird
Tips for keeping your parrot healthy and happy through the year.

Bites Be Gone!
Biting is not a normal behavior. How can you change it?

Kraft Paper Rules!
Try this excellent alternative to the daily news.

Pushing Limits, Testing Boundaries: Really?
Is your bird really trying to show you who's boss?

A Dwindling Kingdom: Presley, the Last Male Spix’s Macaw in Brazil, Dies
An Obituary for Presley.

Dr. Susan Orosz on Filoplumes: Essential Feathers for Mental Health

Have I Created a Monster? The Tale of a Horny Pionus
Pea wants to get it on.

Teaching Henry to (Finally!) Use that tree
Training a Congo African grey parrot to use a manzanita tree.

HORMONES: The Down Side of the Good Life
Notes on a presentation given by Dr. Fern Van Sant

What's Normal? 
Is your parrot normal?

Yet Another Cautionary Tale
Is the Phoenix Landing foster lory sick, or is his constant regurgitation related to sexual stimulation?

Basia's Story, a Macaw Medical Mystery
A Phoenix Landing foster blue and gold macaw is losing weight and vomiting. Find out what we learned about his condition.

Additional Print Articles

Bird Talk magazine, April 2012 "What Does that Scream Mean?"

In Your Flock Magazine, January 2014 "Prepare for your Parrot's Future Without You"

Good Bird magazine, Vol 7 Number 1 "Nowhere to Go But Up: Teaching an African grey parrot to Use a Hanging Gym"


Drawings by Jenny Drummey