Biting Matters teaches you why your bird bites and how to prevent this frustrating, dangerous, and unnecessary behavior. Develop a better relationship with your parrot by building trust, motivating your bird, and aligning your goals to live bite-free.

Topics include: common bite triggers; discovering why your parrot bites; all-purpose strategies to live bite free; and situational solutions, such as what to do when your parrot bites when stepping up, when flighted, when it's breeding season, and many more.

This book contains exercises to illuminate the concepts and helps you tailor a solution for your bird in your home. Biting Matters is an invaluable resource for parrot caretakers based on Jenny's experience living and working with birds for a decade.

Drummey has prepared a no-nonsense guide to why our feathered friends bite in different situations with the heavy emphasis on correcting both our behavior and the bird’s. Her approach appears rooted in positive behavior modification with the human recognizing when the environment is ripe for biting and how to change the situation. - In Your Flock magazine

Project Parrot is an interactive guidebook to help you learn to live more successfully with your bird. It's packed with tips, techniques, tools, and exercises to help you learn the basics of behavior, positive reinforcment training, and optimum bird care.

With illustrations by the author, this guidebook can help you develop customized training plans to address problems, no matter your skill level or the number of years you've shared with your parrot.


I will definitely be using this book quite often to help my bird and me reach goals we need to reach. This book not only will help with biting but other negative behaviors as well. It is not just a one time read. It is an ongoing help guide that you can refer to over and over!!! - Amazon

This book is excellent! I can't recommend it enough to anyone who needs help with working with their bird to overcome biting problems. - Amazon