Submit to the 86 Your Blessed Objects blog and receive a free 5" x 7" photo print of any paining on this site.

Here's how:

  1. Write your post. (Great job!)
  2. Visit the paining page.
  3. Click the painting to open the detail view, then note the painting's title.
  4. Send the title along with your submission to the 86 Your Blessed Objects blog. Include your address so I can mail you the photo print (and I won't use it for anything else, or sell it or whatever else those rat finks do.) (I'm just a person.)
  5. Use the print for looking at, as a bookmark, as a postcard, for a ransom note, for a Dear John letter, as the basis for a tattoo,  . . . the possibilities are (kind of) endless.

Thanks for your story!