Unrequited tells the story of the Zimblist Holistic Recliner, a teenager's sexual tsunami, nostalgia addiction, and promises to the dead.

What can the Zimbalist Holistic Recliner do for you?

  • Identify the subconscious stumbling blocks preventing you from getting what you deserve.
  • Reset your desires - for food, sex, money - to an appropriate level.
  • Discover the roots of your fetishes, phobias and fears.

A few words from Frank Zimbalist about the Zimbalist Holistic Recliner

So much of our lives is lost to us.

Think back on birthday parties, piano recitals, or a first kiss. What would you learn if you could relive them again? If you could re-experience crucial events in your life – or even mundane ones – what insight might you gain into why you are the way you are? If you were there again, could you be freed from your phobias and fears?

My father and uncle turned their exceptional intellects towards this incredible challenge. Modest men who considered themselves little more than amateur tinkerers, they invented a device that unlocks your memories. You experience them in a totally immersive way. Everything, from the clothes to the food to the smells - especially, the smells! The smells are the best part! You’re in it. It’s real.

And all you have to do is sit down in a comfy chair.

And what is this great invention’s name?

The Zimbalist Holistic Recliner.

I had to convince my family to share this gift with the world. It was not easy.

Some said that no one would believe that the experience of rememories was possible and that I would be laughed out of any convention where I tried to sell it. No one would buy, much less invest in, a product that made such a ridiculous claim.

But I saw the recliner’s full potential. I believed.

So, after a struggle of many years, I finally acquired the rights to sell and distribute the remarkable recliner.

I have allowed a select few to experience the Zimbalist in our offices, under the supervision of a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, and an EMT.

I am proud to say that the services of none of these men were required.

Instead, listen to this testimony from a woman from Great Falls:

“Wow! I didn’t expect much, but was I surprised. Not only is the Zimbalist Holistic Recliner the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in, it allowed me to relive the birth of my first son. As a direct result of having re-experienced this miracle, I was able to reconcile with him after a separation of almost a decade!”

And, from a skeptic from Scotsdale:

“I don’t know how this thing works, but by god it does. For years, I thought my older brother had stepped on a frog in front of me to torment me. He knew I loved frogs as a kid. I was able to see that it wasn’t a frog at all, it was a mole! I have no feelings about moles whatsoever, and my brother and I are now closer than ever. Thanks Mr. Zimbalist!”

It’s my pleasure.

The transformations made possible by the Zimbalist Holistic Recliner truly can change lives.

But it will not be easy: in our fast-paced world of instant solutions, not many are willing to just sit down for a few moments and re-experience their lives.

That’s why I need your help.

Mind you, I haven’t extended this offer to just anyone. I am contacting you because a professional contact, relative, or friend specifically referred you as a wiling pioneer in personal growth. You are often the person others turn to when they have asked everyone else for help and gotten nowhere.

You are a well-respected, trusted resource of effective solutions. Your business contact, relative or friend noted this on our referral questionnaire.

First, I want you to experience the Zimbalist Holistic Recliner for yourself in our offices at my expense. If you don’t agree that this may be the most significant invention of the past decade, then you can say, “Well at least I got a free trip to Scotsdale!”

But if you are awed, as I was, at the power of rememories, we can set up a payment plan to fit your budget and you can own this remarkable device for yourself. Plus, we’ll give you materials to share with others so that they too may benefit. For each sale that results, you will receive a referral bonus.

And, if our rapidly growing list of investors is evidence, you may become inspired to join the Zimblist family. With one of our multi-tier investment levels, you can find an affordable way to help build the success of this life-changing chair.

Welcome the renewal of rememories. Contact me to get started.

Unrequited: Nothing spoils a memory like the truth.

Unrequited: Nothing spoils a memory like the truth.

Jenny Drummey sees the world differently than anyone else, and that unique view is obvious in her short stories and in UNREQUITED, her beautiful novel. Read Jenny's work and you'll come across deeply-recognizable characters and story twists that always take an emotionally-unexpected turn. I love her work, and rush to read anything she writes. - E. A. Aymar, The Dead Trilogy, managing editor, The Thrill Begins